Oobire 大比礼(おおびれ), 2015

For sho, hichiriki, shakuhachi, wagon, bell, and electronics

Oobire blends traditional Japanese instruments with recordings of old Japanese 78s, field recordings, bell, and electronics - reaching back to ancient Japanese forms and sounds, while also attempting to sonically distill and express the experience of contemporary Japan from my perspective, which is that of a fourth generation descendant of Japanese immigrants. Oobire draws from an interest in traditional Japanese music such as Gagaku as well as the lesser-known Shinto ritualistic music called Azuma Asobi. Created and presented in partnership with the US - Japan Friendship Commission and the International House of Japan. 

Click here to view research conducted at Kyoto University of the Arts.


Premier Performance:
May 27, 2015
International House of Japan
With: Miura Remi – sho  Nakamura Hitomi – hichiriki 
Christopher Yohmei Bladsel – shakuhachi Tajima Kazue – wagon and sho  Paul Kikuchi - percussion/electronics

Click here to view the program notes from the premier performance.