Solo Exhibit - Jack Straw New Media Gallery. Video by James Reeves.

Uprooted and Invisible (2013)

Audio Installation
The Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA
December 7 - August 18, 2013
Uprooted and Invisible looks at the phenomenon of “hidden homelessness” from an Asian American perspective. Audio component includes interviews, field recordings, and prepared piano.

Centennial (2012)

Audio Installation
Montalvo Art Center Gallery
The Montalvo Centennial Year is the starting point for a series of thematically-related exhibitions which explore the relationships between Montalvo, its communities, and its histories.  Audio component explores poly-rhythmic recordings of rain, negative space, and insect sounds. 

Farewell (2010)

Columbia City Gallery, Seattle, WA
Group Exhibit

5:5:3/Artillery Welcome Bell - Interactive installation.

Smash Putt (2009)

Guest contributor. Resonant shooting gallery. Seattle, WA.