Empty Cage Quartet
Portable Sanctuary

“A Morricone showdown in a John Cage rock garden.” - Paris Transatlantic Magazine

Portable Sanctuary contributors:
Stuart Dempster, trombone. Bill Horist, Guitar. Eyvind Kang, Viola. Tari Nelson-Zagar, Violin. Maria Scherer Wilson, Cello. Paul Kikuchi, Percussion and Composition

Video: Noah Dassel
Portable Sanctuary at the 2009 Earshot Jazz Festival

Open Graves

Open Graves is a musical duo that creates evocative, exploratory music using unconventional sound-makers in unique acoustic spaces. Members Jesse Olsen Bay and Paul Kikuchi use invented percussion, stringed, wind, and electronic instruments, as well as voice and found objects, weaving together their shared knowledge of improvisation, modern composition, electro-acoustic music, and sound art.

“…sounds like it belongs with some kind of ritual for a world we do not yet know." -Gapplegate Music Review

Video: Noah Dassel
Location: Dan Harpole Cistern
Open Graves with Stuart Dempster (2009)

Empty Cage Quartet
Empty Cage Quartet

Percussionist for acclaimed experimental jazz quartet.  

"One of the most powerful and appealing jazz units currently active." -All About Jazz

Kris Tiner, trumpet. Jason Mears, reeds. Ivan Johnson, contrabass
Paul Kikuchi, drums & percussion.

photo by Daniel Sheenan