Bat of No Bird Island 

An experimental song-cycle for chamber ensemble based on the written memoir and 78RPM record collection of Zenkichi Kikuchi (1880 – 1965), my great grandfather.  

Premier performance: November 2, 2013, Earshot Jazz Festival.


In-Progress Rough Mixes

Engineered by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions. With support from the JSP ASP Grant.
Full album available soon, Sign-up to be notified.


1. Four Seasons of the Childhood (Kikuchi)

2. Ko Ni Mayou, “Lost in the Fragrance”
By Ichimaru (re-imagined by Kikuchi)

3. Seki No Oiwake “Crossroads at the Barrier”
By Aoba Shoko (re-imagined by Kikuchi)

4. Asazuki Yuzuki “Morning Moon, Evening Moon”
From Aizen Katsura, a Shōchiku-Ōfuna picture
By Misao Matsubara (re-imagined by Kikuchi)

5. Aizen Yakyoku “Lovestruck Serenade”
From Aizen Katsura, a Shōchiku-Ōfuna picture
By Noboru Kirishima & Misao Matsubara (re-imagined by Kikuchi)

6. Koumoriseika, “Bat Chant” (Kikuchi)


Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin

Eyvind Kang, viola

Maria Scherer Wilson, cello

Bill Horist, guitar and dan nguyet

Stuart Dempster, trombone and conches

Paul Kikuchi, percussion

Rob Millis, 78RPM records


Program Excerpts

Download the full Bat of No Bird Island concert program here


Bat of No Bird Island has been made possible with support from The Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Jack Straw Productions, and Chamber Music America’s 2012 New Jazz Works: Commissioning and Ensemble Development program funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation